Learn the Foundational Pattern of Every Herbal Tradition Worldwide

The Elements are the most universally recognized pattern used in herbal traditions throughout the world. From Ayurveda, Tibetan and Chinese Medicine, to Traditional Western Herbalism, Alchemy and Medical Astrology, the 5 Elements of nature have been used to classify plants, evaluate health and sickness, formulate herbal medicines, and deepen in ones understanding of Nature as a whole.

Join founder of The School of Evolutionary Herbalism Sajah Popham in a 3-part video series exploring the core principles of Elemental Herbalism and the essential aspects of a holistic herbal practice. Through the Elements you will learn to see the underlying patterns in nature, the seasons, the human constitution, anatomy and physiology, psychological temperaments and spiritual evolution, as well as the medicinal properties of plants, their organ and tissue affinities, actions, and even their pharmacology and actions upon the soul.

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In this Video Series You Will Learn

  • Constitutional Theory

    Learn how the Elements influence and impact your physical body and it’s various organs, systems and tissues, as well as your psychological temperament.

  • Direct Perception of the Elements

    Learn how to directly perceive the intelligence of the Elements within nature, the seasons, yourself, and the properties of medicinal plants.

  • Alchemical Philosophy

    How the alchemists use the Elements in their philosophy of nature, extraction of plants and the creation of spagyric medicines.

  • Herbal Traditions

    How ancient and modern traditions of herbalism utilized the Elements in their diagnostics, therapeutics, and overarching healing philosophy.

  • Natural Medicine

    See how the Elements form the foundations of a truly holistic practice of natural medicine, not just through using plants, but through lifestyle factors such as diet, exercise, psychological health, and other considerations.

  • Plant Classification

    How to correspond plants to the Elements through their chemistry, actions, organ, system and tissue affinities, physical structure and morphology, and how they impact our psychology, emotions, and spiritual evolution.